Les formules

How many times did we ask the famous question " Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all "? ... Stop the bullshit and talk frankly ! Whether we are curvaceous , thin or top models ... we all face the same problem , self-esteem .

So take time ladies, misters, to find solutions tailored to your lifestyle and your desires together! Between the day-to-day management, the children, shopping, work, we do not necessarily take time to take care of our image, to ask ourselves the right questions about the dress choice... in other words, being in harmony with oneself.

The main objective is not to turn you into real fashionistas but to guide you in your personal and / or professional efforts to meet the woman and/or the man in you , teach you how to see you in a different way, enjoy choosing clothes , to affirm your choice, to enhance your curves ... just be yourself .

Based on a custom service made during one or several appointments, I will encourage you to discuss , to exchange , to put your feelings into words , I will advise you and take you to a shopping trip for those who want to find their style , to reveal their personality, enhance their image is recursively or particular or simply opportunities for those who want to enjoy a moment just for themselves !